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Garden Club

The Garden Club at Oppe is supported by the Young Gardeners Program through Galveston's Own Farmers Market. There are six raised beds that the students use to grow their own produce. Students are growing beets, lettuce, onions, kale and so much more. The goal of the Farmers Market, in partnering with schools, is to teach students about eating healthy and learning to grow their own food. Students learn how to plant, when to plant certain seeds, the importance of good soil, and how to tell if the soil is healthy or not. They also learn about composting, and how to effectively use it to help the plants grow. The Garden Club has a water cistern that was purchased with grant money from NOAA. The students are learning about water conservation. The cistern supplies students with rain water allowing them to save water. Since Oppe is an Ocean Guardian School, we emphasize the importance of a pesticide free environment to protect the watershed and encourage the students to conserve water.

Garden Club Teacher Sponsor


Nichole Duepner