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Dismissal and Morning Traffic Procedures


Student safety is of the utmost importance at our campus. Please help us to ensure the safety of our students by observing Oppe’s safety rules during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up:

  • Observe the school zone speed and cell phone usage laws.

  • Discuss with your child the proper route to take to and from school, along with the importance of reporting directly to school and returning home immediately upon dismissal.

  • Do not park, drop off, or pick up your child in the school bus zone.

  • Do not park along the curb in front of the building or on the side by Greta’s Garden. This blocks the traffic from moving smoothly and backs up the drop off and pick up areas.

  • Instruct your child to cross the street only at designated crossing zones.

  • The crosswalk in the middle of the front campus driveway is the designated spot for children to cross the driveway area. 

  • Do not block the crosswalk at any time.

  • If you need to leave your car, please do so on the street or parking area across the street by the park.

  • Do not exit your car if you are in one of the pull-through lanes.  

  • Please follow the directions of the traffic officers stationed in the parking lot during arrival and dismissal times.  They are there to assist with the safety of your children.


Morning Drop Off:  Since school traffic generally causes delays, please allow plenty of time to get your child to school on time and as safely as possible.  Parents, please drop off your children in the drive through lanes.  (Make sure they are ready to exit the car as soon as you pull up).  Please be aware of the traffic moving.   PLEASE DO NOT DROP OFF YOUR CHILD IN THE STAFF PARKING LOT.  This is not a safe place because no one is monitoring the parking lot.  Also, the staff parking area must be accessible to our staff.  They are unable to park when parents are double parked dropping off children.  Dropping them off in the street behind the parking lot is also not safe because, once again, there are no adults to monitor them.

Afternoon Pick Up:  Parents, please do not get out of your car to get your child.  The safety staff will get them for you.  We encourage all children to use the crosswalk and walk down the yellow line to their cars.  Please do not honk for your child.  When this is done children may take off running.  This has happened several times and children have come very close to getting hit.  DO NOT DOUBLE PARK IN THE STAFF PARKING LOT TO WALK UP AND GET YOUR CHILD.  Staff members must be able to get out of the parking area due to appointments or meetings but are unable to leave because an abandoned car is in their way. 

Remember we are all here for the children and their safety.  Working together will help us to keep our students safe.  For more information, please read the section titled DISMISSAL.