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The Green Team Makes Texas History

The Green Team Helps Name The Official Sea Turtle of Texas

During the 2012-2013 School year, The Green Team, had the idea to write a bill to name the Kemp's ridley sea turtle the official Sea Turtle of Texas. The team invited State Representative Craig Eiland to Oppe to teach them how a bill gets passed.  The students decided the Kemp's ridley could be the official sea turtle of Texas after learning the species is native to Galveston Island. Kemp’s ridley sea turtles, which annually nest on Gulf beaches during the spring and early summer, are considered an endangered species and are protected by federal conservation laws. 

The Green Team, along with parents, and teacher sponsor Katie Pistone traveled to Austin on March 20, 2013 to testify before the House of Representatives to move the committee to pass their bill to make the Kemp's ridley sea turtle the Official Sea Turtle of Texas, endorsed by local Rep. Craig Eiland. The bill was unanimously passed and was put towards a House vote. Local Texas Senator Larry Taylor also helped with the bill.








After the bill was passed, the Green Team, with teacher sponsors Katie Pistone, Becky Hernandez, Janet Mack, and Principal Helena Aucoin were recognized by Galveston Mayor Rosen and the City of Galveston for their hard work in helping to write HCR 31 making the Kemp's ridley the Official Sea Turtle of Texas. Mayor Rosen presented the Green Team with a proclamation declaring May 29, 2013 Kemp's ridley Sea Turtle Day in Galveston.