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Magnet Theme Environment and Curriculum

Coastal Studies Theme


Oppe became a Magnet Schools of America School with a focus on Coastal Studies during the 2009-2010 School Year.  One of our many goals the first year of the grant was to scream the theme throughout our campus environment.  Continual implementation and refinement of our theme over the years has resulted in wonderful displays, artwork, and Coastal Studies curriculum examples throughout our campus.  Some of these are permanent displays and some are updated or added with each year.                                             



Our magnet theme of Coastal Studies is integrated into all grade levels via a strand curriculum platform.  The strands in Kindergarten through 4th grade include Writing, Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, and Math.  The pacing and progression of our magnet curriculum is discussed during Professional Learning Community (PLC) meetings. Our Campus Learning Leader (CLL) leads the PLC meetings with input form our Leadership Team.  Sample lessons for Second Grade shown in the picture below include our magnet Objective, Essential Question, Enduring Understanding, Activities, Product, and Assessment.